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May 7, 2012


FORT WORTH, Texas - brand 10 art space is pleased to announce the opening of a new sister gallery called, and x, with a show titled City Zoo featuring a newly created installation of work by Scuba, the collaborative duo Crockett Bodelson and Sandra Wang from Santa Fe, NM, which runs from May 18 – June 30, 2012. For City Zoo, Scuba presents "Inside the Outside” a work drawing upon the architectural imagery in their paintings to build a city surrounding a parade of animals on a suspended track.

IMAGE : Part of Installation by SCUBA

The new and x art space located in a modest row of warehouses at 3511 Locke Street near the cultural district will be used for exhibiting installation works of artist collectives and collaborative projects.


City Zoo continues at brand 10 art space with works by Frances Bagley, Susi Brister, Clayton Hurt, Victor Romao and Tanya Eakins Spolans. The overarching theme of City Zoo looks at artist’s use of animals or animal-like elements in their work to create empathy, sentiment, nostalgia, tenderness, curiosity and admiration. Various themes include: human and animal forms to investigate questions of man’s relationship to himself, other beings and his environment (Bagley); photographic work of anonymous figures wrapped in densely textured or patterned synthetic textiles inserted into various landscapes as mysterious organic forms (Brister); animals and their relation to food as an entertainment event (Hurt); human and animal hybrids, chronicling deeds anonymous, shadowy malefactors, and images of bucolic setting permeated with disturbing feelings of the surreal, uncanny and ferocious (Romao); exploring the meeting of technology, nature and culture and  the cause/effect of war and politics (Spolans).

IMAGE : Progress by Tanya Eakins Spolans

City Zoo is organized by the brand 10 art space founders Heagan Bayles, Christine Bisetto, Matthew Clark and Kathy Webster. 

An opening reception, at both brand 10 + and x exhibition spaces, will be held on Friday May 18 from 5-9pm. 

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