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May 24, 2011


Subtext Projects is proud to present the exhibition Liz Rodda: Tomorrows,which opens June 3, 2011 at brand 10 artspace and runs through July 23, 2011. Featuring Rodda's most recent videos, photographs, and sculptures, Tomorrows embraces the uncontrolled spontaneities and unknowns that comprise the future, time, and life itselfand eloquently renders them in a manner that is intimately personal, yet partly based in fantasy.


In her multi-part exhibition, Rodda accentuates that control is an illusion, and that chance, freewill, and causality altogether factor into life's narrative. In Rodda's Triple Possibility, for example, three filmed segments display different fortunetellers that she consulted in Beijing; each one is seen interpreting her dreams from the night before in order to shed light on her destined career path, health, and love life. What results are three divergent, yet sometimes overlapping portraits of Rodda that are, to skeptics, purely driven by speculation. By seeking multiple oracles for second and third opinions, Triple Possibility offsets the notion that a sole configuration-to be deduced through premonition-exists. Instead, the work metaphorically conjures a dice roll, emphasizing how life can offer multiple outcomes and the future is, therefore, shrouded in probabilities. As the artist states, "Mimicking the uncontrollable nature of the future, Tomorrows consists of multiple experiments in which the object of the investigation is, in varying degrees, unforeseeable. I am interested in what is beyond here and now. The work does not attempt to clarify any mysteries, but is intended to offer ways of thinking about what is currently indefinite or unknowable."


Liz Rodda earned an MFA in the Studio for Interrelated Media Program at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally at venues such as Domino Gallery, Liverpool; Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin; Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn; 808 Gallery, Boston; Mix 18 New York Experimental Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY;and the Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga. Rodda is currently Assistant Professor ofMedia at the University of Oklahoma.

IMAGE: by Liz Rodda

Liz Rodda: Tomorrows is organized by Alison Hearst and Leslie Murrell of Subtext Projects

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