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brand 10 art space presents

House Party a film and performance by After School Special

April 26 – May 24, 2014

Reception: Saturday April 26 from 6– 9pm and Performance at 7pm

Gallery hours: Friday and Saturday 1pm – 6pm

NEW! Location: brand 10 art space


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April 7, 2014


FORT WORTH, Texas - brand 10 art space is pleased to present House Party a film, performance and installation by the collective After School Special opening on Saturday April 26th from 6-9pm with a performance at 7pm. The creator of the film series, Dallas artist Elissa Stafford, inspired by themes and narratives of educational programming that aired on television in the 80’s and 90’s, wrote The Adventures of Cherry and Dickhead, focusing on worst-case scenarios to mimic the story models presented in these specials. The series is told through the diary of its main character Cherry, a fifteen-year-old girl played by Stafford. Adding to the richness of the narrative, the viewer is shown another point of view in the stalker logs. The juxtaposition of these opposing perspectives illustrates the wide gap between Cherry’s view point and reality. Through convoluted and manipulated plot lines, the viewer is led through a coming of age tale plagued with bitter endings.


After School Special lingers in a grey area between art and film/television. In the tone of John Waters, Todd Solondz, and Harmony Korine, After School Specialtouches on topics taboo in popular culture. The masks, made by Stafford, are utilized as a visual distraction adding an element of comedy and lightness. While the series touches on issues still troubling the youth of America, the characters, with their big plush masks, seem to undermine the moral of this story with their playful cartoon appearance.


After School Special group members are Elissa Stafford, Greg Frost, Jerrad Trahan, Steve Ray, Kate Colin, Matthew Moulton, Jared Parrish, Heyd Fontenot, Timm Wright, Wanda Dye, Danielle Georgiou, Hilly Holsonback, Liz Trosper, Lauren Kirchner, Paul Wallington, Scott Horn, Alec Corona, Andy Taylor, John Neil. Special Thanks goes to Thomas Riccio, Motel 6, Juan Lerma, Nicole Horn, William Stafford.


For the opening reception:

After School Special will be recreating scenes from the episode House Party.  Don’t miss your chance to party with After School Special at Cherry and Dickhead’s first high school house party. If you miss the opening performance, please come during gallery hours to see the film and installation.


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