January 5, 2013


FORT WORTH, Texas -  brand 10 + and x art space presents Stuffed: Hillerbrand + Magsamen which runs from January 25 – March 23, 2013 with an opening reception to be held on Friday January 25 from 5 - 9pm at both art spaces. Stuffed highlights the works of Houston artist couple Hillerbrand + Magsamen with selected works in video, photography and sculpture addressing tangled web of consumer culture and family values from a personal viewpoint where art and life are intermingled. 


Hillerbrand and Magsamen state: 

“As a collaborative artistic team, we draw upon the rich Fluxus practice of incorporating humor, performance, video and everyday objects. We expand our personal family life into a contemporary art conversation about family dynamics, suburban life and American consumer excess.  This new kind of “suburban fluxus” generates work that documents and re-contextualizes our objects and possessions of self, family and culture, the role of the camera in contemporary art and challenges presumptions of the everyday. 

With an interest in multidisciplinary presentations involving photography and video, our highly intimate work explores our own relationships, family, and everyday activities, reflecting the contradictions of suburban family life–its pleasures and discontentments, our love-hate relationships with the things we possess and the people we live with­. Our work has always been grounded in performance and self-portraiture, exclusively using our home as a stage set and our family as the actors. Fusing contemporary social situations with tropes from Greek legends and Shakespearean dramas, we have attempted to interrogate the notion of family by mythologizing our own.

“I hope you're not planning to sell your house anytime soon.” This is what people often say when they first see our work at art openings, exhibition talks, or film festivals. While they could be commenting on our nominal status as not-so-starving artists, it is more likely that they’re referring to the nature of our work itself.  Home, family, belongings—nothing in our life is left underconstructed in our art—often quite literally, as sofas, bedroom walls, and dinnerware come under physical attack. We draw no line between our lives and our art. We are the photographers and the photographed; our home is our canvas, our family is our subject, and our actions are our content. 

It is our hope that our work speaks to the deep ambivalence of suburban life—that one can love one’s life, one’s possessions, one’s husband and wife, one’s children—but still wonder what might have been. If you are brave enough to speak about it, then you can admit that the same longing we are taught for a nice house and nice things has implications for our other loves. It is difficult to live in longing, to always want something new, to wonder: if I did not have this life, would I be happier? As artists we are willing to question and present our own lives. Our work is an extended family trip down the rabbit hole, tunneling through myths and realities, with no end in sight, but strength in our companions, and our journey.”

Image: Comfort by Hillerbrand+Magsamen, 2012 - 50"X60", Photo Printed On Fleece

Stuffed is organized by the brand 10 + and x art space founders and team of collaborative artists/curators and they are: Heagan Bayles, Christine Bisetto, Matthew Clark and Kathy Webster.

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Once & Again


October 15, 2012


FORT WORTH, Texas -  brand 10 art space presents Once and Again which runs from November 3 through December 8, 2012 with an opening reception to be held on Saturday November 3, 2012 from 5 - 9pm. Once and Again highlights the works of artists Rebecca Carter, Teresa Rafidi and Linda Ridgway with selected works in video, photography, drawing and sculpture revolving around the idea written by Thomas Wolfe, “You can never go home again”; that memory, time, perception and experience change the familiarity and complexity of home.


Rebecca Carter’s work explores states of intimacy and alienation by engaging in processes of appropriation, tracing, erasing, digital glitches and reconstructing. “No place like home” a video projection, appropriates the iconic Dorothy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz movie images and reflects upon them with distance and dexterity referencing both a personal history as well as a collective one.


Photographs by Teresa Rafidi are ordinary interior places that shift attention away from subject matter and illuminate the space by hinting at a figurative presence that is not always seen.  Her photographs contain a sense of altered reality, creating a quiet image that contains both presence and absence simultaneously while triggering nostalgia and reverence.


The subjects of Linda Ridgway’s prints and drawing and sculpture are directly related to childhood memories of her own mother reading from Robert Frost’s writings. Her work acknowledges and celebrates a path of self-revelation with text-based works of crocheted lace transformed through the print process resulting in eloquent and poignant statements about time and experience.


Once and Again is organized by the brand 10/and x art space founders and team of collaborative artists/curators and they are: Heagan Bayles, Christine Bisetto, Matthew Clark and Kathy Webster.

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August 23, 2012


FORT WORTH, Texas -  brand 10 + and x art spaces present AKA, two shows of video and photography featuring the artists: Nina Schwanse at and x art space and Heagan Bayles, Santiago Forero, Kerry Pacillio and Elissa Stafford at brand 10 art space. In all the works these artists employ costume and disguise to challenge traditional views of popular cultural icons. Rather than being mere impersonators these artists twist and expand on the myths surrounding these avatars by embracing the guise of another.

Santiago Forero challenges the stereotype of the hero as a towering, musclebound champion who's soul remains hidden behind a steely - eyed mask. Forero's hero, small in stature and dressed in finely detailed costume, brings a quiet dignity and strength to the ideal. Through his expressive face and pose, he leaves no doubt in his ability to prevail.

As A. O. Scott reported in The New York Times pop cultural heroes are "... Regular folks gifted or cursed with extraordinary abilities". Certainly, Heagan Bayles' self-portraits as Darth Vader bring the fallen angel of Star Wars fame back down to earth. Vader's mask, while supporting his life functions, robs him of his identity as a sympathetic character. Bayles humanizes the avatar of " The Dark Side" as he reminds us how hard it is to put aside our public personas even in our most private moments.

The subjects of Elissa Stafford's photographs rely on disguise in order to express aspects of their true selves. By donning her handmade hoods, her subjects allow her to photograph them as they reveal their secrets to her. Through the anonymity of disguise, her sitters are able to have these cathartic moments.

IMAGE : Panty Bandit, 2011 by Elissa Stafford courtesy of Red Arrow Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Kerry Pacillio dons a blond wig and homespun blouse as she lip-syncs to the country classic song " It only hurts for a little while" by The Ames Brothers. With a gentle smile and static pose she gives a gender twist to this lovelorn song.

Nina Schwanse’s video, Civil Realness: Grant vs. Lee, was originally made for a group show commemorating the Civil War at Good Children Gallery in New Orleans.  The video portrays two masculine historical war heroes re-staging a series of battles against a greenscreen studio backdrop.  In this re-enactment, however, generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are represented as drag queens.  The gender bending is four-fold: in both personae, the female artist is in the role of the male queen (a man playing a woman), who in turn is playing a historically masculine role. 

This work takes as its method the appropriation, performance and reinvention of cultural mythology.  In addition to lip-synching to Mariah Carey, most of the dialog is adapted from the 1990’s animated show Celebrity Death Match.  The source material is transformed, however, through a performative strategy that favors idiosyncratic femininity and embraces racial, class, and sexual difference.


The naked greenscreen references a television production studio while dismantling its functionality as such.  As a rear window onto which anything can be projected, the chroma-key background symbolizes the transformative potential of video space itself.  This intrinsically voyeuristic screen of desire serves as a site onto which politics of the body are often enacted.  Despite its flamboyant caricatures and blatant humor, this seemingly whimsical vogueing contest still alludes to the physical horror of the Civil War.  The trauma of a queered gendered body is conflated with a wartime era that remains a contested symbol of racial politics in the American South. 


AKA is organized by the brand 10 art space founders Heagan Bayles, Christine Bisetto, Matthew Clark and Kathy Webster. An opening reception will be held on Saturday September 8 from 1 – 9pm.

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July 1, 2012


FORT WORTH, Texas - brand 10 art space is pleased to announce Midnight Garden which runs from July 13 through August 25, 2012 with artists Jim Blake, Janaki Lennie, Soledad Salame, Luther Smith and Raychael Stine.

Midnight Garden is an exploration of the mystery of night with works interested in limited, reflected or artificial light sources. The artist’s in Midnight Garden draw from various sources such as: dense woodland inspirations (Blake); urban skylines at night (Lennie); mapping atmospheres of endangered cityscapes (Salame); the places where rural meet suburban both wild and sublime (Smith); and blurring the lines between intimate domestic space and the vast unknowable spaces that exist underneath the familiar (Stine); transforming our experience from an illumination to a revelation.

IMAGE : Costal Oaks at Montecito, 2009 by James Blake, Ink on paper Courtesy William Campbell Gallery Fort Worth TX

Midnight Garden is organized by the brand 10 art space founders Heagan Bayles, Christine Bisetto, Matthew Clark and Kathy Webster. An opening reception will be held on Friday July 13 from 5pm – 9pm.

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May 7, 2012


FORT WORTH, Texas - brand 10 art space is pleased to announce the opening of a new sister gallery called, and x, with a show titled City Zoo featuring a newly created installation of work by Scuba, the collaborative duo Crockett Bodelson and Sandra Wang from Santa Fe, NM, which runs from May 18 – June 30, 2012. For City Zoo, Scuba presents "Inside the Outside” a work drawing upon the architectural imagery in their paintings to build a city surrounding a parade of animals on a suspended track.

IMAGE : Part of Installation by SCUBA

The new and x art space located in a modest row of warehouses at 3511 Locke Street near the cultural district will be used for exhibiting installation works of artist collectives and collaborative projects.


City Zoo continues at brand 10 art space with works by Frances Bagley, Susi Brister, Clayton Hurt, Victor Romao and Tanya Eakins Spolans. The overarching theme of City Zoo looks at artist’s use of animals or animal-like elements in their work to create empathy, sentiment, nostalgia, tenderness, curiosity and admiration. Various themes include: human and animal forms to investigate questions of man’s relationship to himself, other beings and his environment (Bagley); photographic work of anonymous figures wrapped in densely textured or patterned synthetic textiles inserted into various landscapes as mysterious organic forms (Brister); animals and their relation to food as an entertainment event (Hurt); human and animal hybrids, chronicling deeds anonymous, shadowy malefactors, and images of bucolic setting permeated with disturbing feelings of the surreal, uncanny and ferocious (Romao); exploring the meeting of technology, nature and culture and  the cause/effect of war and politics (Spolans).

IMAGE : Progress by Tanya Eakins Spolans

City Zoo is organized by the brand 10 art space founders Heagan Bayles, Christine Bisetto, Matthew Clark and Kathy Webster. 

An opening reception, at both brand 10 + and x exhibition spaces, will be held on Friday May 18 from 5-9pm. 

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