March 23, 2011


FORT WORTH, Texas - brand 10 artspace is pleased to announce ON WHEELS, which opens April 8 and runs through May 21, 2011. The exhibition features artists investigating the fascination with car culture so prevalent today.  brand 10 artspace founders were inspired by a visit to a lowrider car show many years ago and have brought together work that responds to the dominance of the automobile in a variety of ways. 


ON WHEELS brings together works by Heagan Bayles, Libby Black, Matthew Cusick, Ryan Humphrey, Masaru Tatsuki, Matthew Porter, Chris Powell and Justin Shull. Each work in the exhibition relates to the notion of movement and mobility, but the pieces  diverge with each artist drawing from a certain sub group of contemporary culture - whether the work relates to BMX bikes, skateboards and camping/rv references (Humphrey); documents extreme embellishments of Japanese trucks known as decotora  (Masura); uses cultural icons of desire such as haute couture labels (Black);  or fine automobiles (Bayles); presents a collection of cinematic images(Cusick); dangerous momentum frozen in the time (Porter); is inspired by the pace of the natural world with distilled forms (Powell); or references the “green movement” with natural disguise (Shull).



ON WHEELS is organized by brand 10 artspace artists Kathy Webster, Matthew Clark, Heagan Bayles and Christine Bisetto. Join us for an opening reception for the artists on Friday April 8 from 5pm – 9pm.

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For Immediate Release:

January 31, 2011


FORT WORTH, Texas - brand 10 art space, a not-for-profit venue for the presentation of contemporary work, opens Friday, February 11, 2011.  Located at 3418 West 7th Street in Fort Worth’s cultural district, the 2,000 square foot exhibition space, which includes a separate video room, will feature bi-monthly exhibitions. Founded by artists Christine Bisetto, Matthew Clark, Kathy Webster, Heagan Bayles and arts patron Charlie Webster, brand 10’s mission is to encourage visual discussions among selected artists and provide another contemporary art venue in Fort Worth.


The project was the result of many conversations among the artists -- whose work has shown individually and collectively throughout the region -- about their mutual desire to have an alternative art space in their hometown.  “We came to the realization that there wasn’t a raw space for experimentation.” said Clark.  “We thought that it would be a great idea to share a random retail space in Fort Worth,” added Bisetto, who will serve as exhibition coordinator. “Then we signed a two-year lease and, voila!, a new art space in Fort Worth run by four artists with a few ideas and lots of energy.” Kathy Webster is the driving force behind the ideas for the space: “A lot of people have fantasy football teams. I collect fantasy art shows, which I fill with awesome artists. Shows like Sci-fi, Self, American Bounty, New Pop, 2nd Childhood and Gaudy America exist only on post-it notes on my cabinet.  Now, with our new space, some of those fantasy art shows can become reality.”


The name of the new venture is a nod to the notion of commercial branding and refers to a personal history. “In the future everyone will be their own brand.” said Kathy Webster.  “We added the 10 as a play on words on Brand X, a family cattle brand.”


The inaugural exhibition, “One out of Ten” is slated for February 11 – March 20, and features work by the founding artists. Bayles will be showing new photographic works that are autobiographical.  Bisetto’s work in this exhibition will continue to mine from both her work life and her home life with small works on paper.  Clark will be showing new sculptures that continue his fascination with bicycle culture. Webster’s work will be a selection of bronze works and fiberglass glitter sculptures. The video room of the gallery will feature a collaborative work by Bayles, Webster and Clark.

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